The Power Of Love 

Are you ready to be humbled .. or completely mind-blown with my perspective on just what exactly the meaning of life may be ...??  

My answer ...  

stands proud and true to this very day.  

It comes and it goes, yet it is with us Every Second of Every Day....   

It mends, heals, soothes, and even empowers those who truly understand it.  

Ur nderstand this one thing for me, please... With each & every blessing bestowed upon you, You must be prepared for a sacrifice of the same magnitude.  

It has to be this way, says the Nature of Existence, and even basic physics. Matter cannot be created nor destroyed. 

It is so plain & simple that its utterly complex .. 

Those who do not choose to open their minds, nor choose to be willing are their own reason as to why they are suffering.  

And these types of human beings are especially far from honest. Not only to themsleves, but in fact to everything and everyone in front of them.  

Now, If you’re love is strong, that is truly all you need in this life of sin.. I found this is really all we need to fulfill our soul’s purpose & to help others find theirs within themselves as well.... It may sound crazy to some. In fact, to those who are not on a higher plane of consciousness along with me; they will refuse and rebuke my knowledge.   


I am wrong for being right. Righteously correct. Brutally honest. 

 I saw this from a young age; indeed, I was meant to.  

The knowledge & growth from that point on made me exactly who I am today.  

This new doubt in now everything I knew .. 

led me to realizing instead of being confused & having a victim mindset, with  

constant questions like, “why me?”  

An entirely different approach was needed. I needed to redirect my thinking.  

I felt within me it was time to see things from a higher vantage point  

& that my focus needed be to finding a God of MY understanding to lead me to its mind & soul.  


give it to your higher power... your answer will be bestowed upon you. I Guarantee it.  

I wish I could have had someone to talk to when I was this age, 

however the truth is like the forbidden fruit... it Didn’t seem as if they cared to know what the real truth was. if you told them otherwise they would rebuke & Make you out to be the bad guy. Control of the masses.   

“To love— than be loved.”  

“ Who watches the watchmen...” 

Upon my recent spiritual awakening, those exact words at the forefront of my mind.  

They hit me like claps of thunder in the worst rainstorm...  

This just means I am in tune with not only myself, but the path led by a HIGHER POWER Of my understanding.  


I Made my own philosophy. I Realized there was a lot to criticize, if you cared to ask (“what / who is the source??) about everything you were told or told to believe in. I had to, and I have to stay quiet & humble too. Because the system is corrupt in each & every way .. 

I decided an executive decision needed to be made.. to better ensure a life where I am happy for no reason at all.. & I love it.   

The answer .... it is in everything;  

the sky, the trees, the water, the music, and even in the books.. but  

most importantly it lies deep within you ...  

lying dormant rather.  

Waiting for you to unlock & unleash it ....  

Eventually you become what’s in front of you. You control your destiny..  

Will you allow yourself to be taught &  how to get back to your Higher Power’s mind & heart  

Listen to ALIVE by THE GREEN ...