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I’m a soulful singer/songwriter originally from New Haven, CT but I’ve been transplanted in the Holy City of Charleston, SC.  I’ve been writing since I was eight and I picked up a guitar at sixteen.  I sang in church choirs growing up.  I started my musical journey loving rap and The Grateful Dead.  Since then I’ve written over 1,500 songs in more than 5 genres.  I wrote a book called “Lumped Up” in 2014.  I’ve been working with Greig OB Session from The Hit Masterz on multiple projects over the years and I’m currently looking forward to playing a lot of shows in the southeast.  I’m also doing a good deal of promoting for my new album, Side Effects.  The singles, Allyson and Thunder, have been doing really well but I’d love for more people to listen to the whole album!  If you’re reading this, thank you for your interest.  Hopefully, you leave this page a fan! 

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