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Joe gallager jr 

“Side Effects” 

November 27th , 2017 

Greig “OB” session 

This is my first ever non hip hop record review, and I couldn’t be more grateful for JG/JR for publishing my thoughts . We have some dope stuff lined up for the year and I’m stoked to be a part of the team. 

When i decided to review his last album , I knew that there were several factors at play that could be seen as biased ... but what media outlet this day and age isn’t biased ? Lol . That’s kinda how this works .

Anyhow , that being said ... I don’t put down words on anything I’m not truly feeling , and this album is no different. So let’s get started . 

First off I’m going to say that content wise , many of these records spoke to me emotionally and spiritually . Being that I know a lot  of the story behind the music and making of the album , I had an inside approach ... and it wouldn’t be the first time , just the first with an alternative rock album . 

I’m not sure you can even call it alternative rock , which is awesome . I’m not sure what you can even label this genre of music it draws from so many different eras , sub genres and influence .. from a singer / songwriter and production angle . In my opinion that’s a crucial ingredient in making authentic , organic art in the shape of sound / music . Joe totally has originality in his rhythms , it’s refreshing . 

“Stone house” is my first pick . Talk about being able to relate to some words ... this tune truly resonated with me and where I’m at personally and professionally ... it gave me goosebumps . Another cool thing is how much it reminds me of the nostalgia of STP and nirvana era classic vibes . Raw and emotional vocal tones that rugged at my spirt , in a good way.

“Holy water” is up next . We’re in an industry where spirituality and religion is frowned up by most agents and managers , it’s like politics . I love the fact that he’s willing to express his beliefs and cuss on a spiritual record . That’s truly how we are writing our own modern day hymnals, in my opinion . Another cool thing is I feel like this tune sounds like Charleston. I am not sure where it’s recorded but it sounds like the beach / ocean and Inlet kind of “water” vibes , which nails the title conceptually while keeping that post - grunge , 90s nostalgia vibe , while still remaining authentic and original . 

“Allyson” is my final pick. It’s obvious this is a very personal tune , to someone’s who’s close to the artists heart and everyday life and thoughts . Pulling off a record that is that close is tuff to do , I’ve tried to do it a few times and never quiet nailed it 100% yet to my standard . It’s inspiring to see others I consider peers musically release a piece of music with that much emotion attached , maybe this year I’ll finish one of our personal records .. who knows lol ? 

I am very grateful joe has opened up his platform to me and has helped publish some ramblings . We have a lot of cool stuff lined up for the year and I thank you for reading this , stay tuned !