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Flip Cup Frenzy

Alibi's Bistro and Billiards, 216 Myers Rd., Summerville

First of all, LADIES ARE FREE before 9pm

First 100 people through the door will receive a present from Santa!! Come hang out with us on December 15th and help us raise money for this charity doing great work in the Lowcountry! We have a list of new items that One80Place is looking for and we need your help to bring these various things to the event:

Everything must be new with tags still on...Hygiene products, shoes, warmer weather clothing, men and women’s underwear, unopened toys, new books

Here is the musical line up of entertainment

Line Up:

7:00—Georgia Nubia 7:15—Sean Kinard 7:45—Intermission 7:50—Georgia Nubia 7:55—Dee Coulter 8:45—Georgia Nubia 9:00—Joe Gallagher Jr & friends 10:00—Georgia Nubia brief intermission 10:10—Foxxstar 10:25—Harleston Vinod 10:45—LOTI 11:15—DJ Q RAM TURN UP till 2am

Special thanks to our sponsors and vendors: Firefly Distillery, 98 Rock, Charleston Hemp Company, Big Bear Roofing, The Planet Vape, Wicked Candle,


Joe Gallagher Jr. on Fox News

Fox 24 Charleston

Interview and video promotion in honor of Eunoia Rescue

Side Effects

Joe Gallagher Jr.

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An array of style and emotion.

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Spiritual Medicine 

I don’t know about you but I have to take spiritual medicine every day or my life seems bleek and gray.  I have to find inner peace by asking my creator to guide me through the day and to use me how He sees fit.  In the shower I ask for forgiveness.  I feel reborn and cleansed of my wickedness every time.  I reach out to elders seeking wisdom.  They give me solutions and suggestions for any problem I may face.  I have multiple prayers that I’ve come to believe in whole heartedly that I repeat in my mind dozens of times throughout the day.  When undergoing such a routine, I feel protected.  I get a new sense of confidence.  All the right things are happening around me and I had nothing to do with it really.  It’s the universe responding to my kindness towards it and all its creatures. 


I’ve entered into a new phase of existence.  I’m aware of my character flaws and ask daily for God to have all of me, good and bad.  I’m trusting that all the great things happening now are because of my increased faith that i actually— despite the immense pain I’m in—deserve what’s going on.  My professional career as an entertainer has just been increased a level and now I have to adapt to a new role.  A new role I believe God has been preparing me for.  So grateful for all the signs he’s been showing me.  I’m at the pinnacle moment, a turning point in my career.  It’s a beautiful transformation and I joyfully anticipate the next experience. 


I’m incredibly surprised and grateful for a series of opportunities recently.  I get to play my music on a stage that was the home of legendary artists like Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin, LED Zepplin and the list goes on and on.  Why did the Whisky A Go Go choose me?  I have no idea.  Maybe the universe knows I’m ready.  Maybe I would’ve screwed this opportunity up had this happened last year.  It’s quite possible that the booking agent took a good look at all the work I’ve put into being a professional entertainer and songwriter.  It doesn’t really matter.  I feel blessed nonetheless.  My Creator has a funny way of showing me who I really am.

Crazy Thoughts. Completely Random 

I have to admit that I really don’t know what is happening to me.  I mean I know I’m changing.  We’re always changing.  This is more like a revelation of purpose.  I often question my existence but then get smacked with pain to awaken.  The universe is telling me to go right and my brain says go left and insert an injury.  I guess I’m about 50% confused as to whether I’m an alien or am I a floating spirit in one of the rings around Saturn?  I can tell you that I give up trying to figure out the mystery.  I put it all up to fate and I’m going to take a chance proceeding with faith.  Faith and action.  The willingness to attempt an action with integrity is good enough.  I’m not going to nail it every time!  I hold myself to such these high standards and expectations that are impossible for me to hit.  I’m going to practice being ok with an imperfect me.


Building a solid team is so important when pursuing your dream career.  I am constantly under council of at least 5 trusted mentors before I make a decision.  I’m not 100% at it but that is what I strive for every time something comes up that needs my attention.  The team I have in place for my path of professionalism are extremely knowledgeable, experienced and have my best interest in mind.  It’s not about money.  It’s about genuinely caring enough to help the cause.  The journey is the pay off and of course when I reach my ultimate goal there will be bonuses for those who helped me get there.  I don’t forget how I got to where I am.  It’s been the people in my close circle who ultimately saved my life and gave me a new one.