Side Effects

Joe Gallagher Jr.

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An array of style and emotion.

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Show Dates

April 2019


Unlocking Potential 

Things are moving right along with our entertainment company.  We’re already negotiating with several artists who see the value in our expertise.  There’s nothing we can’t handle.  Every aspect of an artist’s career is covered.  While I wait for back surgery, I’m putting all my efforts into our clients.  Once I’m healthy and able, I’ll go back to being an artist and Taylor Nicole will takeover all management services.  There’s so much happening around us and there’s a collective energy that’s surging to explode.  It’s amazing to watch people grow and to witness when the spark comes on in their eyes.  I take pride in sharing my experience so others can benefit.  I can’t keep what I have unless I give it away and make it available for others to seek their full potential.  Taylor is a perfect example of unlocking the power that resides in all of us.

A New Entertainment Company Emerges 

We have officially launched our new full service entertainment company at  We offer various professional services for artists to further their music careers.  Our prices are reasonable and we focus mainly on artist development.  We handle marketing, branding, production, social media management, tour scheduling and other services that cover what it takes to move up the ladder.  Also, is proud to have a new partner, Taylor Nicole Morrissey, who will be working one-on-one with our clients.  Together, there's nothing we can't do for an artist.  It's a lot of work to get music out to the public and to build an online presence.  We let the artists stay artists and we take care of the business side of things plus all the details that musicians don't want to worry about.  We're hungry, ambitious and dedicated to helping others grow in the music industry.  Music is the great communicator and we're excited to help others be heard.


When I feel lost and like I have no purpose, I go back to the basics.  Trust God, clean house and help others.  You can replace the word “God” with whichever spiritual deity that you align yourself with.  Whichever source of power you can tap into will suffice.  For me, I have to ask for help to gain knowledge of its will for me.  I have to ask that I be shown how to make wrongs right and how I can be useful to the next human being I encounter.  If I make an effort to do one or all of these things, I stand for having a much better day—a much better life.  My goal today is to be better than I was yesterday and I want to enjoy the outdoors.  Charleston, SC offers some of the most scenic landscapes I’ve ever witnessed and it’s right in my back yard.

New Band Forming 

So about 3 weeks ago, I started learning some songs with Christian Carroll, a phenomenal violinist.  Our first show together was at the Whisky a GOGO in Los Angeles.  What makes our story fascinating is the way we came about.  Christian’s father, the late Steve Carroll had a dying wish that his son Christian would get out from just playing Tommy Condon’s downtown and that he would do something with his music career.  That’s where I come in.  Old man Steve also had mentioned to me how he wanted his son Christian to get on the professional music career level like me.  3 years after Steve’s passing, here we are making amazing music together.  We only had 2 weeks to prepare for the whisky show and we made people’s heads spin!  Nobody could believe we had only been playing together for a few weeks.  Not only did I find my match on a professional level but I gained a new best friend in the process.  I’m so grateful!


So I just found out that I need two more surgeries and need to cancel my tour because of a bad car accident I was in.  I’m really quite angry and frustrated.  I hate having limitations.  I’m used to handling everything myself and not having to ask for help.  I guess this is a lesson in humility.  I have to humble myself and ask others to assist me.  However, I’ve been conditioned to not rely on people.  It’s like I’m in a constant handicapped state.  I know this too shall pass and after my surgeries I won’t be in nearly as much pain. Pain is the touchstone to growth they say but I’ve been in pain for almost 2 years now.  Yes I definitely have grown wiser in the last 2 years but I can’t help but to think how much better my life could be if I didn’t have ruptured discs in my spine.  Everything happens for a reason so the only conclusion I can come to is that I needed to slow down.  I needed time to work on myself and to get sober once and for all.  In that case, I’m grateful for my current circumstance.  Gratitude has to come first above all else or I won’t succeed and achieve my goals.