Staying Focused

It’s easy for to get way off track especially while I’m waiting for things to happen.  I found out this week that I’m going to be interviewed by two radio stations and I can’t help but to want more.  When will…

Morning Meditation That Works

I’ve been in the good habit of hour long walking meditations.  My day goes way better when I do this in the morning.  It takes commitment but the reward of total peace of mind is so worth it.  What I…


Another Great Review wrote up an excellent article on their blog.  Check it out here


Organic Skin Care Products

My fiancé started making really good organic skin care products about 4 years ago and people love them.  Unfortunately sales havent been consistent.  However, these products make great holiday gifts.  Let us put together a gift basket for you.  Just…


Download Allyson to help Animal Rescue

Just wanted to let everyone know if you didn't know already; I've been very passionate about dog rescue.  In fact me and my fiancé have rescued about 30 dogs in the last 2 years.  So, my song Allyson was written…


Going Live on Facebook & Twitter 11/8/17

I haven't been as engaged with the Facebook live audience in quite some time and I've never gone live on Twitter.  That all changes starting tomorrow.  Join me at 9pm on Twitter and 9:30 on my Facebook page for some…


New Album Review

So @boblevoy was kind enough to write a blog about Side Effects.  Check it out here

The Album

After a long and arduous battle, my first official album has been launched.  This album means a lot to me.  It depicts the ups and downs, the tears and the triumph that I've faced through the process of getting to…