The Present is The Gift

Today, the present moment, is the gift.  It’s one of many gifts we receive when we seek guidance.  There’s the inner gift of recognizing who I am and what I’m meant to be doing.  It gets overwhelming and sometimes I can’t handle accepting the gifts.  I can get ungrateful for the gift and that’s when I start going astray.  I have to been thankful everyday for every breath, for every interaction with interesting people who have been put in my life for a divine reason.  Guidance.  I don’t always know what’s best for me.  Then I’ll hear someone say the exact thing I need to hear and then I can take action.  Putting good character building into practice is no easy task but it’s liberating.  I suffer from panic disorder, alcoholism, bipolar disorder, manic and major depressive disorder; but it’s all manageable with the help of a team of the right professionals.  I have to have mentors of all types to help manage my life.  I can’t do it alone.  Finances, career decisions, relationships, family issues; I always need to be talking to someone who has valid experience in each area to help fix my flaws.  I focus on my strengths and work harder to draw them out and my weaknesses, well I leave them with people better equipped to handle them.  It’s really little things they tell me to do and it becomes a quick fix.  I don’t have to let little things or issues build up to the point where now it’s a giant monster in front of me.  Acting with a rapid determination to be better and a clear belief in an ultimate, forgiving and loving Creator, always produces the best results.  I can’t control the weather therefore I am not a Higher Power.  But I do have the power to accept change and to have the willingness to do the next right thing.  Hope this helps somebody

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