Surrendering and allowing the sequence of events afterward unfold, reveals a sacred message that gives my life a clear cut purpose.  That’s when I realize I’m not worthless.  I am useful.  I have a positive effect on the world around me.  I attract blessings that show up as great people to add to my network of spiritual warriors.  Letting go and trusting in this Universal process is hard.  Some people can’t do it until shown, some people will straight up refuse to do it.  I feel sorry for those people and I pray for their happiness and prosperity.  For me, if I don’t turn things over to my Creator, my reality deteriorates.  I can’t afford to let that happen anymore.  Therefore, despite what I think, feel or believe, it is my actions that will either save me or kill me.  Meanwhile, “I will sing and make joyful noise to the Lord.” - Psalm 149

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