Self Investors

Investing in Yourself 

This may be a shocker to some people but after reading a ton of self-help books and listening to hours of motivational speeches, I found out that time is the most valuable possession.  I understand that people have to work to make a living but what about making a living by working on yourself?  If time was money how would you spend it?  There’s so many options that the hardest part is deciding on where to start.  Should I exercise, learn a trade or skill, read inspirational literature, study how to start a business?  These are all good suggestions and a beginning to personal growth and an increase in value can be achieved by any one of them.  I believe everyone has a fire burning within.  There’s something inside each of us that we were put on this earth to discover exactly what that passion is.  There’s a star in the night sky looking for you to meet it halfway.  Once you reach that personal star power, start using it and mastering your purpose.  Don’t wait.  The star won’t travel all the way to you if you’re not willing to drive in it’s direction.  The road map to success starts with some kind of guidance.  The old cliche, when the student is ready, the teacher will appear is as true as the sky is blue.  I implore you to seek guidance from someone who has mastered what it is you are supposed to master.  One last suggestion, every human needs to read “the four hour work week” by Timothy Ferriss then listen to Les Brown on YouTube.  You’ll find every answer if you just start looking.

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