The seasons are an excellent comparison to the fluctuations of life.  There’s times where our winters are dark, bitter and frosty with emotion.  Isn’t it great that spring follows winter?  There’s rebirth, new found energy, sparkling creativity that had been dormant during the barren months prior.  After spring, the opportunities to grow start to flourish and thrive and the personal crops we’ve been nourishing sprout and bloom into summer.  Summer is where our hardest efforts become apparent by bountiful blossoming and the creations of our productivity come to life.  Then fall comes and we harvest what we’ve worked so hard to maintain and take care of in previous months.  We watch our abundance wither down to prepare us for another winter.  How can we change how we feel during trying times ?  How can we stay grateful in the face of grief, sadness, loss and depression.  It comes down to balance and self forgiveness.  Awareness also comes into play.  Things happen to everyone but everyone doesn’t change what they do to themselves. 

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