Real Friends

There’s so much I can say on this topic.  First thing that comes to mind is how once an eternal bond is set in place when friends know they’re friends for life, nothing can break that bond.  It’s unfortunate that life will tend to get in the way and touch may be lost but it’s never permanent.  Friendships can literally last for a lifetime.  Certain people I think are just cosmically connected to your soul and others are just temporarily passing through a specific season of life for an important reason.  That reason may only be circumstantial and the two souls disconnect.  For a real true friend to forever lose touch something absolutely catastrophic has to happen but even then there is the power of forgiveness.  Sure some things are unforgivable but not when real true friends are concerned.  If the souls are connected for a lifetime, there is a certainty and even a preemptive forgiveness because true friends accept the good and bad.  Flaws are overlooked.  When it comes down to it, a true friend knows the other will be there even if one has been carrying a one sided effort for awhile.  I’m grateful for the many real friends I have.  Most times those friendships are more imperative than even blood relatives.

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