Pulling up not Pushing Down

Teamwork makes the dream work and you’re only as strong as your weakest link right?  How does a nobody become a somebody?  I’ve come to realize that it’s the people and their energy that you surround yourself with, it’s the people you invite into the inner circle, if those people can unite with the same tenacity for the same cause, magnificent things can and will come to pass.  I hate even saying a nobody because we really are all one and nobody is better or less than.  If, in someone’s own mind, they consider themselves a nobody then that’s what they will convey to others.  The opportunity to create a great impression in someone else’s life is always there if we look at the positive of what we have to offer that guy who thinks he’s nobody.  Everybody is somebody.  I like to give the people who have been beaten themselves down to nothingness an opportunity to prove that they are not nothing.  They are valuable and just as valuable as me, you or Michael fucking Jordan.  Stars became stars because they followed another stars trail.  The world is our oyster.  Make a pearl out of your life if you so choose or otherwise die without contributing or giving anything to society.  The givers get more than the takers.  Takers can only take so much until the well runs dry.  Givers are constantly being refueled and given an abundance so they can give more to people who prove they want to be more.

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