Pain is the greatest motivator.  People don’t change themselves till they’re hungry enough or they’re in enough severe pain that they just can’t take anymore.  That’s why they say, “Pain is the touchstone to all growth” or “Pain is the mother of invention.”  I know pain gets us down and it could keep us down but if we don’t lie on our backs, look up, then we can get up.  The dream you have or the person you are meant to be aren’t just going to arrive one day while you’re waiting. We have to take action and more action, right now, towards those dreams and goals.  Whatever puzzle piece doesn’t fit into your perfect picture, throw it out.  It belongs to another puzzle.  Don’t spend too much time analyzing the pieces before you sink into analysis paralysis.  Simple tasks like watching a sunrise or sunset, take a pretty picture, foster a homeless dog, be in nature somewhere to absorb the earth’s energy and believe that what and who you are is your choice.  Keep that fire lit by adding more knowledge and awareness to it.  Someday it will all make sense.  Pain is necessary but suffering is optional.

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