When you open your mouth, you let the world know who you are.  Choose your words carefully.  I have to constantly improve my listening skills and to do that I have to talk less.  Why speak just to speak?  Why draw attention to something we’re not completely certain about?  What about the things we are certain?  Should we shout from rooftops?  No.  We let other people see the certainty in our actions and we let them talk about it.  What they say about me is really none of my business but if they are talking about me, at least I know I’m having an impact, good or bad.  It’s a treacherous world we live in.  People who are stuck in mediocrity don’t necessarily want to see others around them succeed.  There’s a lot of dirt to climb through to get to the top of the ladder and the tallest one in the crowd gets hit with all the tomatoes.  When there is success at your fingertips watch how others’ attitudes change towards you because you are changing but just acknowledge it and let it go.  It’s okay for you to move on.

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