One Day at a Time

Living one day, one hour, one minute at a time is the only way I can stay grounded.  If I start projecting into the future and worrying about things to come, I get lost in space somewhere.  Planning or mapping out a path to success and visualizing what the future will look like are all fine and well but I can’t get stuck on living in the future.  It’s not here yet.  Being present, in the here and now, is key to my serenity.  Like future tripping, morbidly reflecting on the past can be overwhelming as well.  Sure, I can go back into the past and hit my head against the wall wondering what could’ve been but where does that get me?  I think I can use the past as a tool to change my present but outside of that, it does me no good to dwell.  Experiences are an important factor when considering the current state of my affairs and they can help other people avoid pitfalls, there are some benefits to recalling those things.  For me, I have to constantly observe how I’m being of maximum service to my Creator and fellow human being.  Am I doing all I can to be honest, humble and grateful?  Am I believing and being what the Universe wants me to be?  Am I acting upon a calling that enlightens other humans?  If I answer ‘yes’ to all these questions, I am aware of a presence.  And the present is the gift.  Past and future can circle about overhead while I stand straight and take steps towards my higher self.  Acceptance is the answer to all my problems.

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