Master Mentor

Mentoring is a subject that can be broken into two perspectives.  One as the teacher and one as the student.  They say when the student is ready, the teacher will appear.  I’ve found this to be true.  I’ve had many mentors throughout the years.  Some I was outright defiant towards and some whom I could never get enough of.  It all serves its purpose and to remain teachable is a gift in itself.  I’m never going to graduate from life’s university.  However, if I want to keep the precious and knowledgeable gifts that I’ve received, then I must be willing to give it away to some newer person. The hard ass mentors I’ve had came to me at points in my life when I needed a good shake.  I needed a drill sergeant. I needed to be taught truths about myself that I didn’t like hearing.  Those relationships didn’t last very long but they were absolutely necessary in the building of my character and foundation.  Other mentors have been there consistently along my way into success.  They gradually left little breadcrumbs for me to follow.  Some mentors give musts to their students to get through thick walls of denial, others merely make suggestions and easily walk with me as I face difficulties.  The point is to always be searching for more.  Find ways to have more integrity.  It’s when we stop learning that we die.  I’ve almost died numerous times by not taking recommendations and trying to figure things out for myself.  I’ve accumulated so many wrong ways to do things in my experience that I now have the ability to teach others.  Even if it’s teaching them what not to do, I still reap the benefits because I am willing to give away my experience, strength and hope.  Don’t be afraid to ask stupid questions to very smart people.  When you have the courage to ask for help, you’re actually helping the other person more than they are helping you.  I’m constantly, seeking, experimenting and exploring.  If I didn’t have at least one guide during my trials and tribulations I would’ve failed way more than what is required.  Will Smith says, “Behind every success story there are thousands of failures.”  He’s right.  Fail to succeed and surrender to win.  They sound like oxymoron cliches but it’s just the disguise.  They are principles that are very difficult to implement.  Don’t make things harder than they have to be.  Change yourself when change is the only option.  If success was easy, there’d be a whole lot more successful people in your life.  Les Brown says, “Look at your 9 closest friends.  If all 9 of them are broke and miserable, you are probably number 10.”  Surround yourself with winners and you’re more likely to win.  If you’ve put all your physical, mental and spiritual effort into a specific thing and it still ain’t happening for ya, you may need to change directions or just let go of the wheel and have faith that what’s supposed to happen, will happen.

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