Justified Anger

Anger is a natural human emotion.  Sometimes it’s necessary when the universe is trying to teach us a lesson.  Maybe the person or thing we are mad at is actually showing us a part of ourselves that we don’t like.  Getting screwed over in the music industry is unfortunately a pretty regular occurrence.  The music industry is not the problem here though.  How many times have I screwed people over in my past?  Throughout my messed up juvenile years, I was oblivious most times when I made mistakes and hurt someone and it was usually always the people closest to me who got hurt the most.  I can admit that I have done wrong and cost some people a lot of money without them ever getting a dime back.  I’ve made terrible choices and I’ve learned a great deal in the process.  In those cases, if I can’t pay someone back, I can ask if there’s another way to make things right.  Sometimes after making such mistakes, living right and really trying to become a better person is the only restitution possible. 

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