It ain’t just a party

The Halloween Pong Fest is more than a party.  It’s an opportunity to make a difference, make an impact, on so many levels.  First of all, nothing like this has ever been thought of around these parts.  In a short time, myself, Alan Gregory and Clint Coulter have combined a Halloween celebration, an acoustic music concert, a mega 40 team beer pong competition (water in the tournament cups) and a charitable, honorable function at a venue who caters to veterans.  My team is dedicated to giving a small town like Goose Creek something to talk about for years to come.  Also, we take so much pride in helping with dog rescue (there’s just not enough people who care to solve the homeless dog situation), and we promote unity, peace and happiness among all human beings, then there’s the true appreciation and love for all veterans.  For this first of many functions hosted by Stellar Entertainment, we’re pulling out every trick in our bag, bringing the community together for an unforgettable night.  So far there are 6 companies pitching in to pull this off.  The American Legion Post 166,, The Hit Masterz and Greig “OB” Session, 98 Rock of Charleston, Jan’s Jewelry and The Charleston Ketamine Center.  We have more sponsors lined up for even greater support that we will be announcing as soon as everything is confirmed.  Ultimately after everything is said and done, on behalf of everyone who makes a contribution, I, Joe Gallagher Jr. will be writing a sizable check to Eunoia Rescue.  My fiancé and I have fostered close to 30 dogs since moving to Charleston and those dogs showed unbelievable gratitude, this really means a lot to us so we do whatever we can to assist in this worthy cause.  #whosavedwho So please in your travels, talk about this celebration, spread the news and come try and win some money!  Or just donate and listen to some good music.  Either way, we hope October 26th is a day to remember.  PS just in case you get too drunk, we have a group of Uber and Lyft drivers fully aware of The Halloween Pong Fest and will be on standby ready to get everyone home safely.  Thanks again from the bottom our hearts.  We all feel like we have a definite purpose and that we are on the winning side of life.  The success of this fundraiser has the power to change many lives!l

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