Indian Giver

When Chris Cornell suddenly passed away last year we were all very saddened by such a big loss.  His brilliance had been shining for decades for us to witness through his music.  The day the world found out of his passing, I felt compelled to write a song in a tribute to him, as well as to others like Kurt Cobain and Prince.  If you dissect the poetic lyrics that I wrote you will see pieces of these artists throughout the song.  They may be vague glimpses of them but they are there.  “Platforms for princes, soaking in the heat, black hole sun, the curtain is drawn”. Those phrases come from the verses.  “Didn’t you say you came with gifts? (me speaking to God, the poets and singers are the gifts) Didn’t you say you wouldn’t take them away? (How could God take them from us).”  I know that may sound harsh to ask God such things but what happened to these legends was sad, to say the least and I’m sure many people were angry with God like I was.  Looking back on what I wrote that day I realized, God put them on this earth for them to leave an eternal mark.  Their lives may have been cut short but did they not influence and make a huge impact on all of us still living?  So the song “Indian Giver” is selfish in a way and I’m glad it is because it shows that humans can be wrong about His plans for us.

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