Idle Time

Idle time sucks.  Waiting sucks.  But patience is a virtue.  It’s extremely hard to move forward yet step back at the same time to see where you’re going.  Periods of reflection could be used as great tools to prepare for the future.  Opportunities are around every corner.  I can just about put my fingers on them.  However, I need to calm down, wait patiently with an open heart and mind.  The right time may not be here just yet.  That’s where acceptance comes into play.  Acceptance is usually the answer to all my problems.  Character building should be my main priority.  If I accept where I am and focus on becoming a better me today, all the dreams and possibilities naturally start pulling towards me.  Am I going to accept these gifts with humility and grace or am I going to show boat and seem ungrateful?  It’s all up to me, who and what I become.  God knows my passions and aspirations.  If my calling will help other people, God will assist in making it happen.  It’s going to happen in his time though and when he feels I’m ready.  The old cliche when the student is ready, the teacher will appear, has come true in my life time and time again.  We can have personal, financial, freedom and happiness as long as we move graciously through this life without causing harm to others.  If our motives are pure and we intend on helping others with our gifts, they shall be granted.  And when they are granted, we should remain grateful and teachable.  When we stop learning is when we die. 

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