Holiday Spirit

Holiday spirit is in full swing.  Flip Cup Frenzy is going to help so many people in so many ways. So many people have volunteered a tremendous amount of effort to put this thing together.  I witnessed several beautiful moments throughout my last 24 hours.  It seems as if miracles are happening all around me.  I’ve been in the dark a lot in my even recent past but today I stood in the light, forgiving myself for being humanistic and it felt great.  I was at peace with myself.  I’ve been praying for these days before me.  Don’t underestimate the power of prayer.  Pray to who or what?  Whatever you believe.  I don’t judge or criticize any denomination at all.  I’m a spiritual guy because I am convinced that the difference between religion and spirituality is:  religious people don’t want to go to hell.  Spirituality is for those people who have been to hell and don’t want to go back.  So let’s be nice to each other as we share this beautiful earth that a great creator gave for us to thrive in, not to shrivel away in darkness.

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