Hindering or Helping

I have to be aware of the two main sins at all times.  I have to ask myself, “Am I hindering someone’s spiritual growth or am I hurting my own spiritual growth?”  If I am in fact causing damage I need to stop immediately and readjust the way I’m living.  The universe won’t allow me to be fully effective if there’s behaviors and actions that I’m taking that are negative influences of myself or someone else.  Recently, this has become apparent in my own life.  A lack of sleep and not following my typical healthy routine has led me to feeling irritable, restless and discontent.  My body has been run down.  My thoughts have been scattered and less focused.  I had to surrender and take an inventory of these glaring defects and admit that I need to change my behavior.  It sounds simple and kind of lame but it’s really not easy to stay vigilant and it’s never easy to change.  However, it’s necessary if I’m to live a well-balanced life.  The number 3 has such profound prominence in the world I live in.  Mind, body and soul.  I’ve been neglecting my body by not exercising at all this week.  I’ve been depleting my mental faculties by not getting enough rest and I’ve missed my most spiritual moments of every day by not being present for the sunrise.  The good news is that I’m aware and I can turn it all around at any time.  So can you.  Good luck to you on your journey throughout the week.  I look forward to trudging ahead with you and checking back in next Wednesday.

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