Going Live on Facebook & Twitter 11/8/17

I haven't been as engaged with the Facebook live audience in quite some time and I've never gone live on Twitter.  That all changes starting tomorrow.  Join me at 9pm on Twitter and 9:30 on my Facebook page for some couch sessions where I'll tell a couple stories and play a couple songs.  I'll be playing some stuff from the new SIDE EFFECTS album and some other stuff that hasn't even been recorded yet.  As an up and coming artist, I have to make sure that I stay sharp, fresh and engaged with my fans.  My supporters are really who inspire me to continue on this journey.  Without them I would have no way of monitoring my success as an artist.  My goal is always to connect with people and to make sure that me and my music is relatable.  So please hop in on my Live sessions tomorrow and feel free to leave a comment so I know how I'm doing.  Thanks so much!

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