Giving Back

I don’t know if everyone truly realizes what we’ve established recently.  Within 4 weeks we have created a multi-faceted event that serves four purposes.  In fact we’ve coined our mission as “a party with purpose”.  It’s been all over TV, radio and social media.  I’ve formed a team of business minded, executives in the making to host a party that will benefit two charities, provide top notch entertainment in a town where little happens; we’ll boost the local economy and we have given select people a time to shine with immense exposure.  You might be asking why all this just to throw a party?  It’s not just a party.  Like I said, first and foremost, The Halloween Pong Fest was established to help veterans (The American Legion) AND homeless dogs (Eunoia Rescue).  I made it MY mission to teach younger dreamers how to effectively produce an unforgettable event so we can in turn contribute to local businesses and small charities.  Somebody recently asked the question, “Would you rather help a lot of people a little or one person a lot and why?”  It’s really had me thinking.  I don’t want to do either.  Instead I’d rather help a lot of people a lot.  I’ve created something special for many people to endure and those I’ve helped have in turned helped me.  Then they’ve went about helping even more people by bringing them into our little blossoming organization.  You can’t keep it unless you give it away which is our motto and exactly why all of our events we will be paying it forward.  To me, it’s the perfect business module.  The money isn’t what’s important.  Paving the way for brighter futures is our business and that you can put your money on.

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