Do I really deserve this?  After completely surrendering to source of power that I don’t understand in the slightest, blessings have been pouring in.  I ask this mysterious power every day to please forgive me of all my terrible mistakes (there have been hundreds) and to reveal its will for me and my life.  That’s all I’ve done and little things have been popping up left and right.  It’s like I’m following a bread crumb trail.  To where?  I don’t know.  I don’t even have to know.  I’ve given up in the fortune telling business.  Apparently I’m terrible at it.  I do know that all my dreams of freedom, the ability to live life to the fullest have come to fruition and to be honest, a part of me feels like I don’t deserve it.  But that’s not for me to decide.  This freedom and these blessings do come with a price though and it’s a price I’ll gladly pay.  Be a Good Samaritan and pass on what I’ve learned to someone else so they can enjoy the blessings too.  There’s many ways to pass this on and I just try my best daily to do that.  I take fairly good care of myself and others witness what I do.  Maybe they will adopt some of my practices.  Maybe they won’t.  Again not for me to decide.  As long as I do my part, I’m becoming a better me and that can be contagious.

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