Family by Joe Gallagher Sr.


Let's start with the definition.  The basic unit in society, traditionally consisting of two parents raising their children.  It's a group of individuals living under one roof.  There are many more versions, but this was not our goal to identify types of families.  This is just to get a better understanding of what a family consists of.   

The purpose for my blog post today was to describe what it meant to me to be a part of a family.  As a child, family meant a safe place where people cared for you.  Everything was provided.  All you had to concentrate on was exploring and having fun.   As I aged, there were more lessons to learn, that were not all fun.  Responsibility, respect, and integrity as well as identifying dangers. 

As time goes on, I spread my wings a little and realize I'm not the only one in this house.  Getting along with other family members is big deal.  We may need to sacrifice and then it starts to be clear-what's important is the common welfare of the whole family.  This may lead to looking for other places or situations where we can feel important again.  It may be achieving high levels in academics or sports, or even the streets.  It could also be a combination of things that we can all add to the list. 

One thing I learned is no one will love you like your own family.  Even the very nice, good hearted people we come across can't match the love from family.  In your family's quest to keep you safe and love you unconditionally, they will make mistakes-may even hurt you.  The hurt caused by parents is highly unlikely to be premeditated but sometimes, it can come from a sibling.  Sibling are vying for the same resources and are at a different point of their development.  They may see you as competition, but this will usually pass. 

At one point you will realize your family is always there to help, regardless of what you have done.  It is common not to appreciate the help that is offered. 

In the end, it will come full circle and you will understand that you're in a safe place.  You can allow yourself to be vulnerable and not worry about being hurt intentionally. 

Many of us concentrate on what we did not get by being part of a family.  What we forget is that the things we did, we can get help amd shape us into what we are today.  It is only when you start to raise your own family that you can grasp the dynamics.  One of the greatest tragedies is to grow up without a family because it's an incredible source of love to be a part of one. 

This blog post was not meant to cover all the examples of family life and the intention was not to leave any example out so I'll be adding to this blog on thursdays because there is plenty more we can talk about with this subject.  Thank you.  -Joseph P. Gallagher Sr.

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