Letting Go

A chain of events have recently been linked together to prepare me for the next chapter of my life’s story.  I’ve been hitting curveballs, fastballs and sliders right in succession.  I’ve faced all of them, standing on my own two feet with courage and determination.  It’s easy to be coerced down the wrong path.  Deception lurks around every corner when you’re living your dream.  People are going to want to knock you down out of jealousy or just because they don’t understand.  Maybe they’re not meant to understand right now but if I just stay the course, stick to the plan, eventually they will see what I’ve been up to.  There’s so much involved.  There’s so many pieces to the puzzle that makes up my life.  Unless you’re in my inner circle or were instrumental in developing my plan to success, it’s impossible to know the entire story.  Ultimately, everybody has to pick their own course to take toward freedom.  Nobody can do that for you but there are guidelines that can be suggested.  It all comes down to growing everyday in mind, body and spirit.  Spirit has to come first.  If you can just figure out a way to connect spiritually, the mind and body will follow.  It’s a personal discovery and conception for each individual.  For me, I go to the beach a lot and I let my worries, concerns, relationships and decisions get taken out to sea.  My creator has given me the ability to see what I need to let go of and what’s not in my capacity to fix.  True believers in whatever spiritual concept they have will be able to see these things too.  In order to keep moving forward another necessity is giving away what has been freely given to me.  So keep reaching out.  Keep learning and growing then share it with other people like I’m doing right now.  Hopefully this blog will help people who might feel lost at the moment, find a way out from the bondage of uncertainty.  Trust the process.  Stick to the plan and take action when it’s an absolute no brainer.  If you’re into reading check out “The Four Hour Work Week” by Tim Ferris for some inspiration.

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