Crazy Thoughts. Completely Random

I have to admit that I really don’t know what is happening to me.  I mean I know I’m changing.  We’re always changing.  This is more like a revelation of purpose.  I often question my existence but then get smacked with pain to awaken.  The universe is telling me to go right and my brain says go left and insert an injury.  I guess I’m about 50% confused as to whether I’m an alien or am I a floating spirit in one of the rings around Saturn?  I can tell you that I give up trying to figure out the mystery.  I put it all up to fate and I’m going to take a chance proceeding with faith.  Faith and action.  The willingness to attempt an action with integrity is good enough.  I’m not going to nail it every time!  I hold myself to such these high standards and expectations that are impossible for me to hit.  I’m going to practice being ok with an imperfect me.

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