Coincidences don’t really exist.  In my life, when something occurs right on time, it’s really the universe telling me that I’m ready to level up in a small or big way.  I’ve been writing and singing since 8 years old and I’ve been willing to go to any length to achieve my goal of being a great and recognized artist.  Recently, opportunities and realizations have been coming at lightning speeds.  I’ve had to swallow truths about myself and practice humility which is a sign of preparation.  I’ve had to accept compliments and criticisms as a way towards growth and achievement.  The gift is to be present on a daily basis.  Maintaining a routine required for success is no easy task but it’s easier than fighting against what I am born to be.  Stuffing or ignoring my true calling is to deny the Higher Power the right to shape me into what it needs me to be.  Staying strong and staying on the right path is not always the popular decision to make and temptations want me to give in to the norm or old behaviors.  Well I’m in the business of progress and change.  Huge developments have unfolded as a direct result of following the signs and trusting in the process.

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