Changing Directions

Sometimes we have to put our main dreams on hold so we can take a step back.  There may be an opportunity to be helpful and a segue from the original dream occurs.  I think it’s okay to get sidetracked if it’s a good thing you’re doing.  Some dreams are decades in the making where daily grinding and discipline are a must.  However, we need to know when to take a break, stay busy with something else or to relax if necessary.  I’ve been known to take detours at exactly the wrong time and I paid the price for every one of them.  What did I purchase?  Experience.  The lessons I’ve learned from each mistake have been priceless even if I’ve had to make the same mistake repeatedly until I finally reach submission.  It could feel like self-neglect, if your focus switches frames and onto helping others.  When the opportunity to teach something I’ve mastered—after countless failures of course—arises I take full advantage.  The most permanent way to learn something is to teach it.  In helping others we actually help ourselves with validation.

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