Boredom really drives me nuts.  I don’t know about you but when there’s nothing to do, I don’t know what to do with myself.  I usually pace around till something pops in my head, then I’ll go do that.  That’s not always right to do though.  If I pause when the feeling of boredom hits and audibly ask the universe what I should be doing?  How may I best serve thee.  Then within seconds or minutes of being completely still-breathing, listening, absorbing the earths energy; an answer will come.  A direction will appear and that is, what seems to me, Gods will.  As long as that answer doesn’t involve hurting myself or others mentally, physically or spiritually; I’m good to go.  I have to be very careful though.  It’s easy for me to start picturing my Creator as myself and that’s dangerous.  I don’t have the same power that he has!  So when boredom or indecision comes, hit the pause button, ask for guidance and really listen.



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