I forgot to add my #weeklywednesdayblog because I’ve been wrapped up in overdrive trying to get a major charity event all ironed out.  It’s a few days late but here it is nonetheless.


It’s my actions that will either save me or kill me.  What information am I taking in?  There’s a lot of unimportant things being said throughout each day from multiple sources, that I don’t have to absorb.  It’s my choice as to what is going to influence my actions on any given day.  What can I do each day to improve my quality of life?  The options are endless and so it is with negative actions as well.  Am I going to decide in the morning to enhance someone’s day or am I going to decide how to destroy my own?  It may only be a split second decision but the choice is always ours and for us to demonstrate our free will, which is the greatest gift we’ve been given.  My free will determines if I fail or succeed.  I can say no to the right things and keep saying yes to the wrong things.  When something pops up out of nowhere, I have to use my intuition and say to myself, “Is this going to hurt me or help me?”  After practicing protecting myself from negativity for awhile it becomes second nature.  My time is not being used efficiently if I’m getting involved with gossip, drama or bull shit that doesn’t even matter.  Now is the time to take action in the right direction.  Now is the time to embrace and appreciate what I do have.  Now is the time to visualize and move toward what I would like to have.  I’ll never be perfect at it but I can be the change that I want to see.  It starts with an inspired idea and once that idea becomes an action, I’m headed in the right direction.

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