Hey Guys!  I'm Joe Gallagher Jr. originally from New Haven, Connecticut then transplanted to the sunny city of Charleston, South Carolina about four years ago.  I've grown accustomed to the Southern pace and I love the culture down here.  I take a lot of photos from my sunrise walks along sandy beaches and other mystical places.  It's kinda my thing and inspires a lot of my writing. 

My music crosses over many styles and genres.  I'm quite versatile when it comes to my songwriting.  It's alternative rock fused with country, blues, folk, americana and even hip hop.  

The music business has had many obstacles and challenges for me but I've been at it for about 20 years and nothing has stopped me from pursuing my dreams.  Courage, determination and tenacity have been my biggest strengths when facing such a scrupulous career path.  My voice has been said to sound like the late Scott Weiland from Stone Temple Pilots.  I emulate all the legends who have come and gone.  R.I.P.  Kurt Cobain, Chris Cornell, Lane Staley, Bob Marley, Johnny Cash and so many more.

I've written about 1500 songs and have played over 2,000 live shows.  My biggest passion has been working with Greig "OB" Session from The Hitmasterz in the studio and I'm so proud of my recent album "Side Effects".  I've been featured on Songcast, The Alternative Review along side many other publications.  Various radio stations across the globe have played my music.  Sound Fusion Radio (London), Radio 104.1fm (Hartford) and 105.5fm The Bridge (Charleston) and even A.V.A Radio (International Online Radio). 

I'm really excited about the release of my new album "Side Effects" because it showcases an array of emotion and style.  Some songs are happy and loveable and others are deep, dark and ominous.  My single Allyson was written in honor of all those passionate about animal rescue.  My fiancé and I have personally rescued over 20 dogs and a portion of Allyson sales will be donated to Eunoia Rescue here in Charleston. 

Please join my mailing list and follow me on Twitter.  I like to surprise my fans with free stuff, whether it be products from my organic skin care company, framed canvases of my sunrise memories, free downloads of songs or whatever else I can come up with.  Thanks so much for your support and be sure to spread the word about my music.